Happy Clients


Kathy did a great job copy editing my one hundred thousand word manuscript. She was speedy, meticulous, and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend her.

—Brian Gartland, Author

Kathy is a spelling and grammar nerd. She is an avid reader who possesses a curious intellect along with an incredible attention to detail — nothing gets by her. Do yourself a favor (and avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes) by hiring her to edit your next writing project. 

— Christie Minervini, Business Owner and columnist

Kathy Young is an excellent copy editor, and has a great respect for the English language. I have truly enjoyed working with her at my newspaper, the Glen Arbor Sun. She is meticulous, detailed, and thorough. She studies grammar, sentences, and syntax like a sleuth on the hunt.

— Jacob Wheeler, Independent Journalist


As a writer you REALLY have to like your editor.  Why? Because, in essence, you are asking them to organize your underwear drawer. Not everyone has the tact it takes to tell you which to keep and which to throw out.  Kathy can do that.